Chinese Tea Eggs (Marbled Eggs)

Chinese Tea Eggs

Chinese Tea Eggs

Eggs play a big part in most or our menu and for some vegetarians too.

Eggs lightly poached or half-boiled are easily digested and make very good Breakfast ingredients. Eggs can be cooked as Savouries or as Desserts and ways of cooking them are really most versatile!

The albumen of white of egg is a rich source of Protein. The yolk is where the rich oils are.

For the Chinese, an egg symbolises “fertility/life”.

When the hard-boiled eggs are coloured red, they become auspicious presentation. These are also given with half a boiled/steamed Chicken, and Preseved sweet/sour ginger and some Red Glutinous Rice Cakes to relatives or very close friends to announce the birth of a child in the family. These are Traditions practised by the older generation of Toaist/Buddhist family that live by close contacts with their family and friends. I understand the Modern Family are very pressed with time and a lot of old traditons are “lost!” with Modern living. It also depends on where one live now. Most over-seas borned Chinese have never been back to mainland China!

Chinese Tea Eggs are very beautiful to look at as it has a marbled look on the whites. They have been simmered with Black Chinese Tea leaves with some Spices  in water for a few hours for the flavour to seep into the cracked eggs after they have been boiled for at least 10 minutes with addition of some Soya Sauce.

They are very flavoursome and nourishing and can be just served as a Snack or as a Cold Entree before all the rest of the Banquet dishes to come.

These Tea Eggs are so marvelous to look at and to eat them is also just hmmm… says the sences!

The six eggs that are on the plate in the photo above, are from the same batch of eggs simmered together. Please take note that three of them look shinny and glossy!

The other three look more pronounced with beautiful designs on them.

Have a guess : Do you think they have been painted on with a brush as you would have done as for Easter Eggs?

Why is it more brown in colour than the other three?

Have a good look and give yourself 10 points if you think you know the simple answer.

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