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  • Seafood Thai Green Curry with convenient ingredients/food

    I received a “free” packet of Green Thai Curry Paste! At home I found some frozen Lobster Tail Balls in the freezer and a can of Salmon in my Pull-out Pantry! A wok was quickly heated up with the curry paste and coconut milk added into it! All seafood was dumped into it and stirred …

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  • Toasted Wraps with roasted Nori, shreeded Cheese & fried Salmon

    To-day I toasted two pieces of soft warps with stattered Shreeded Cheese and wrap them into two with roasted Nori sheets between them. I microwaved a piece of fried Salmon left over from dinner last night and some Baby Brocolli stired fried with Oysters and green Shallots. Drizzled some Tabasco Sauce over my fish….loved it! …

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  • Toasted Wraps with roasted Nori, Shreeded Cheese & Fried Salmon

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  • Char shui and Chinese Mustard with Turmeric Rice

    This is super easy……….went shopping for lots of grocery, fresh meat this early evening. Cooked Turmeric Rice and set it in “warm-pot!” Scraped outer skin of old ginger and chopped them up! Heated up a wok with just very little ground nut oil, added chopped ginger. Sliced up a large pieces of Char Sui, and …

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  • A new creation of a Cantonese/Thai-styled Rice Flat Noodles!

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  • Coconut Rice and Black-eyed beans and Potato Curry

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  • Basic Porridge

    Minced Chicken meat is added to this later on when Rice grains and Groundnuts are soft and tender from slow cooking!   Serve with Condiments Please visit to watch how I cooked this dish! Thank you for your Support and Please Share this site with Another Person! Thank you! Your Home Economist and Friend, …

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  • Cook Vegetarian Bihun…. Nice and Tasty!

    Some of the ingredients I used when I fried this Bihun, are soaked Rice Vermicelli, Peanut oil, chopped corriander,fermented Soya Bean Paste, sliced carrot, some Lettuce leaves, Snow-pea sprouts, Soya Chicken, Vegetarian Oyster sauce, Light Soya Sauce, Sesame oil, Lily bulbs, Preserved Korabi slices,(opt.), sliced Fungus Mushroom, white ground pepper, water. I served some chopped …

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  • Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

    Last Tuesday I cooked this as a vegetarian dish for myself and served it with Boiled Rice of which I lightly added a little dried funugreek leaves and some washed Masoor Dhall into my pot before boiling it! These Tofu were already prefried and packed in Plastic containers, when I bought them from most Chinese …

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  • Picture showing the dish of green cooking bananas

    Thank you for visiting this page! To watch my video on how I cooked this green cooking bananas, please go to my cookingchannel… or clink on this link: Please Subscribe and Share my recipes around with your Family and Friends! Thank you so much for All for your precious time and support! I take …

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