Two bean soup in coconut-shell cup

Here’s a cup of Bean soup for my friends camping out in the Cold!
The temperature at our place is now 15 degrees, quite cool, I’d say!

Had presoaked the beans in the fridge over night! Refreshed the beans with tap water and put it to boil until it foamed at boiling point.
Then I skimmed all residue in the foam at the surface of boiling water.
I added some crushed fresh ginger, few sprigs fresh corriander,
a pinch of cumin seeds, a teaspoon of crushed dried chillies, a pinch of dried fennel leaves, half teaspoon fennel seeds, two pieces of dried tarmarind skins into this tap water.

I lowered the heat and kept this boiling until all beans are tender and I got this wholesome hot soup now to keep me warm.
It’s plain and simple and tasty!
Added just a pinch of slt, which is really optional as it is delicious by itself.

Try it yourself to-day!

Have a Nice day!

Two Beans Soup

Two Beans Soup

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