Cantonese-Styled Egg Noodles.

Egg Noodles with Cha Shui & Roast Duck

Egg Noodles with Cha Shui & Roast Duck

This is a very simple dish to prepare, but it needs a little bit of Practice to cook the Fresh Noodle till it is just cooked right and not over-cooked or it can become too soggy!

You noticed that I had “tailed” all the bean-sprouts that I used. Easily done as the pot of water is being put to the boil!
This is a “crazy” thing to do, I might hear some of you young people say!

Yes, Grandmas all do it during my time and my time! Ha! Ha! I suppose those days were well spent in the kitchen, excercising our little fingers as there were no Computers or Coloured T.V. to watch. No Clubs to goto or even heard of “Bingo!” By the way, you can notice that the Sprouts definitely taste better as you crunch on them without the “tails” annoying your gullet!

Basically the Snap-peas and Sprouts, chopped fresh coriander were blanched very quickly in boiling hot water and dished out. Arrange on serving dish.

Fresh Egg Noodles were boiled in “rolling” hot water in a pot very quickly and dumped into cold water. This is reatedly done three times in a row!
Then on the third time Noodles are tossed in all the sauces____thin, thick with some Oysters’Sauce as well as a dash of Sesame Oil. Add dash of ground White Pepper for extra fragrance and flavour!

Add sliced BBQ. Meat of your own choice and some chopped Roast Duck!

Serve a small dish of Soy Sauce with sliced red chillies on the side, if desired.

Viola!!! Treat Yourself with an Appetide to Dine!

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Nancy Tan

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