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Glutinous Rice Balls

Glutinous Rice Balls with Sweet Red Bean Paste.

These Black Glutinous Rice Balls were first dropped into hot boiling water and when they were cooked, they floated on the surface of the boiling water. They were then scooped up quickly and rolled onto grated Fresh Coconut or onto Roasted Sesame Seeds and served at room temperature. You can serve them as after dinner …

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Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes.

Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes in Light Syrup

“Dessert?  What! You call this dessert?” Yes! Please let me explain…..thank you! In most Asian countries the locals use all the ingredients that they can find to cook them into all sorts of variety of ways to present food, like “Si-fu,” (Master Chefs) themselves! We all admire our Elders and Parents that cook very well as …

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