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Singapore Noodles with Soy Gluten and Tofu.

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles.

Singapore noodles are made from wheat flour and edible food yellow colour has been added to it to make it more appetising and brighter in colour! Asians mostly like their food to be Bright and as Colourful as can be! They enjoy Life in Eating and Love Life to be as Colourful as well, not …

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Fried Kangkong (water-convolulus)

Salmon & Oysyers, Convolulus stir fry.

About 7 hours ago, we were invited out to celebrate a close family friend’s “Surprise Birthday Dinner Party,” at their favourite restaurant, but it had been booked out! So, we were redirected to go to the nexxt one which was also quite popular. There, so many dishes……..two plates Golden Crispy Squids, 2 plates Stir-fried Chicken in Plum Sauce,  3 Sizzling hot …

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