Chia Roti with Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Roti and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Rotis and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Last Wednesday I bought some “Chia rotis,”(wraps) and served them with some delicious Chicken Curry which I cooked and also a quick Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Sometimes I cook my curries without the use of Coconut milk, but this time I did. Coconut milk makes Curry creamier, giving it a naturally sweeter taste and delicious flavour. You should simmer the curry until it matures to enjoy best taste!

Chia seeds are a good source of Fibre, Omega3 and it contains Antioxidants. They can be eaten raw too, sprinkled onto your Breakfast Cereals or added to your cooking!

Green vegetables are rich in Vitamins and Minerals and I like to quickly and lightly stir-fry them. They are rich in Fibre as well.

Thease days a lot of information are stated on lables of packaging and it is good to read them before you buy them.

However, everything is wrapped in plastics and Plastic bags widely used still.

I am looking forward to the day when packaging materials are all Biogradable, Save for the Enviroment!

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Nancy Tan


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  1. Nancy Tan says:

    Thanks, at Organic spices, for trying out this recipe, as I am sure you will enjoy it!
    Sorry I took a while to reply as I only saw your comments to-day!

  2. organic spices says:

    hi i am new to this site .i am going to try this recipe right now after seeing.hope comes out good.Thanks for sharing.
    Organic Spices

    1. Nancy says:

      You are most welcomed!
      I am sure you will enjoy it!

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