Colourful Vegetarian Fried Rice with Poached Chicken, Fried Eggs

There are countless ways of cooking Fried Rice and serving it, Asian-styled! This is one of the ways only that I have illustrated here!

All colours are natural from Sauces that I use and no artificial colourings at all!

I used Mustard oil for frying my eggs, so tasty! Yumm!
Eggs crispy on the edges like how I love them to be, yet the whites were not over-cooked with yolks still soft and bit creamy!

In due time I would be up-loading more pictures in my Picture file.

I realized after browsing, that I have countless Food pictures still be be “unfolded” for your eyes only, if you care to visit my Food-blogspot!

Thank you for all your Precious Time “Visiting” and Please Share with Others that love Food!

With Appreciation,
Nancy Tan

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