A new creation of a Cantonese/Thai-styled Rice Flat Noodles!

Kuei Teow combination Chicken Seafood 04 05 13 002



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  1. Nancy says:

    Wow! What an amazing turn it turned out to be!
    I started to prepare some basic raw ingredients and happily sung a tune in my heart, thanking God for the day!
    I looked at my ingredients as I placed them on my work trays, working at a speed as though there was no time to waste at all! Heh! Heh! That…left me time to do more of my long awaited up load here again!

    In the begining I thought, “Yes!” I shall cook the famous “Malaysian Char Kuei Teow,” (like the one I had already done in my cooking channel on youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/

    Strangly enough, as I heated up my wok, my Mind Switched to create something different I have not done before and something I hoped my son and I will enjoy for a quick lunch!

    Look what turned up onto a platter and a bowl for more Delicious! Delicious! Spicy Tasty Gravy, without the Chilly-bite though!

    Really Dilicious!!!

    It was cooked, Cantonese-styled, but with a “smokey” Thai Flavour!
    I can’t wait to Tell You what was created to-day for our Simple Delicious Lunch, hence the Photo-shot for You!

    Please comment on my site so I will know if you like this dish or not for my future reference!

    Thank you so much and Please Share this with ONE more Special Person!!

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