Fish Balls Noodle Soup

Fish Balls Noodle Soup

Fish Balls Noodle Soup

For a very quick lunch some time ago, I had prepared this dish made of yellow soft noodles made from wheat flour, which you can purchase in Asian grocery shops or the Super-markets!

I boiled about one big bowl of water in a saucepan and added in about 2 teaspoon of my favourite chicken stock powder! Then I added in th soft noodles and bring it to a boil again, then added in the prepared fish balls which I had purchased from the shops too! I also threw in some fish meat which I had at hand.

Before I took the pan off the heat, I added some chopped shallots and Chinese corriander and fried garlic.
Topped the dish with some sliced hot chilies (opt.) if you can’t stand chillies!
The garnish I used is two slices of fresh lime, the juice of which accompanied the fish balls very well!

Served with a small dish of Soy sauce. Add a dask of white pepper is ideal!

Simple, Quick and Easy Delicious Lunch I enjoyed!

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