Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

Last Tuesday I cooked this as a vegetarian dish for myself and served it with Boiled Rice of which I lightly added a little dried funugreek leaves and some washed Masoor Dhall into my pot before boiling it!

These Tofu were already prefried and packed in Plastic containers, when I bought them from most Chinese grocery shops.
I just quickly sliced the tofu up into pieces and lightly tossed them into my wok with a little cooking oil. Added in 2 tablespoons of vegetarian Oyster’s sauce, a tablespoon of fried red onions(shallots) and poured about half a cup of water and a teaspoon of vegetable seasoning powder.

I let it all come to a good boil and added in the good old Choy Sum or Chinese Spinach. It took me another minute to stir it up and dish it out onto a plate and served with tasty and nourishing par-boiled rice.

Sprinkle a dash of ground pepper if you desire!
I had mine with added red hot chilly from my garden,snipped straight into my wok with my handy good pair of Kitcken scissors, had for years!

Something so simple, healthy and quick to prepare at home for yourself!
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