Fried Kangkong (water-convolulus)

Salmon & Oysyers, Convolulus stir fry.

Salmon & Oysyers, Convolulus stir fry.

About 7 hours ago, we were invited out to celebrate a close family friend’s “Surprise Birthday Dinner Party,” at their favourite restaurant, but it had been booked out!

So, we were redirected to go to the nexxt one which was also quite popular.

There, so many dishes……..two plates Golden Crispy Squids, 2 plates Stir-fried Chicken in Plum Sauce,  3 Sizzling hot plates  Mongolian Lamb, 2 plates of Braised Fresh Green Prawns and  two green Vegetable Stir-frys were ordered to go with hot Steamed Rice in hot rice buckets!                                   
When the green vegetable dishes were laid on the table, someone gleefully exclaimed, “Oh! It’s the Morning Glory!” “They’re very nice to eat!”

My son and I exclaimed, “It’s the Kangkong!”   “Yes! It’s the Kankong,” another friend chipped in.

Then I said it is also called, River Swamp Cabbage, and it actually likes to grow along the sides of a river bank!

I also said the proper name for it is, “Water Convolulus!”

It has hollow stems but as it grows older, the stems become tougher to eat!  The young stems and leaves are very smooth, and tasty when simply stir-fried!
We all really enjoyed this dish as they were so young and tender! Of course the Mongolian Lamb was the favourite, followed by the Crispy Squids!

I happened to have a photo of this vegetable stored in my computer file some time ago, so I thought this would be a good memory of this vegetable that we all enjoyed with our “Birthday Friend on the night of 18th May, 2011!”  

Hope you like the look of this dark leafy green in this dish!

If you like it, I can explain how this dish was done

Cheers! to your Good Health!

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