The Ginger

Ginger (young)

Ginger (young)

This is a photo of how a young ginger looks like.

I had used some in boiling my light syrup for my Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes,
which was posted yesterday. Ginger imparts a pleasant Gingerly, mildly Pungent flavour to any sweet Syrup, Soups or Stir-frys!

Ginger is rich in Mineral salts and warming to the system, making it a “yang” componant in food.  As the Ginger bulb gets older, it becomes more fibrous but imparts more potent flavour when used in cooking.

The Price of Ginger had risen recently!

Price of Young Ginger in Sydney to-day (23 05 11)……. $17.00 per kilo.

Price of Old Ginger in Sydney to-day(23 05 11)    ……. $39.99 cents per kilo!!!

Australia had stopped using 1 cent and 2 cents coins for many many years now, so even if the price tag states 0.99 cents, the customer’s docket will automatically be billed, rounded up to the nearest next figure, $1.00.   LOL!

The good news is………. you don’t have to use lots of ginger for most Asian cooking.           For most dishes, it needs a few slices of ginger or a knob of crushed ginger for slight flavour!

For best news?………….some people don’t even know how to use it for cooking, so to them, “no worries!”

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