Seafood Thai Green Curry with convenient ingredients/food

Seafood Thai Green Curry

Seafood Thai Green Curry

I received a “free” packet of Green Thai Curry Paste!

At home I found some frozen Lobster Tail Balls in the freezer and a can of Salmon in my Pull-out Pantry!

A wok was quickly heated up with the curry paste and coconut milk added into it!

All seafood was dumped into it and stirred briefly.

Some grounded chillies and fresh coriander were added and some water too to give it some gravy!

Then I added the can of Salmon and brought it all to a boil!

It was very tasty and I need not add anything else after that!

Served with Steamed Hot Rice!

Surely this is the Easiest way to cook a dish that looks complicated and exotic as well as left me the Time to do other things as well!

Have a Great Time!

Please Share your Thoughts!

Nancy Tan

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