Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes.

Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes Dessert

Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes Dessert

Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes

Green Tea Pearls and Sweet Potatoes

“Dessert?  What! You call this dessert?”

Yes! Please let me explain…..thank you!

In most Asian countries the locals use all the ingredients that they can find to cook them into all sorts of variety of ways to present food, like “Si-fu,” (Master Chefs) themselves!

We all admire our Elders and Parents that cook very well as “Si-fu’s as we quitely sit and enjoy all the food on laid on the table.  Meals time are such a welcoming time for the stomach! Heh! Heh!

In the Western World, flour, eggs, butter are a-plenty, and they are used to be made into cakes, making good use of the ovens. Europeans serve baked, boiled and Steamed Cakes for Tea-time or as a Dessert.

In Asia, especially Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand etc. we have easy and simple desserts with ingredients like Sweet potatoes, Yam or Taro boiled in water with addition of  sugar to become a light syrupy “soup!” Other ingredients commonly used are the Sago Pearls, Tapioca Pearls and now the Green Tea pearls are very popular!  People love Green Tea in most food, like fillings in Glutinous Rice Balls, Mochi, as the Japanese have them too, in Chinese Moon Cakes and Sweet Pastries!

I conviently bought some of this Green Tea balls and boiled them until they float to the surface of the rolling, boiling water.  See how I slotted them out with a slotted spoon in my photo snap?

Keep cooked Green Tea balls  in a bowl of cold water so they do not stick together!

I had pre steamed some Sweet Potatoes and kept them aside earlier on.

Next I put a pot of water to come to a boil, adding in some crushed fresh Ginger for a few minutes. Later I added some soft brown sugar(jaggery) according to your own taste. I do not take mine too sweet, although it tastes better, but not too healthy to consume too much sugar.

Lastly just add in the cooked Green Tea Pearls and cooked Sweet Potatoes, all cubed up into smaller pieces into the sugar light syrup.

Serve in a bowl and enjoy it, Hot or Chilled!

So Easy to Do!

You Can Do It!


Brown sugar, Plam suger or lump sugar or cane sugar can be used to sweeten the “soup.”


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