How to Make Old Fashion Potato Chips!

Old Time Chips!

Old Time Chips!

Potatoes are peeled and then they can be sliced thinly or cut into wedges.

Wash of excess starch and leave to soak in slightly salted water.

Drain throughly and thin chips can further be well dried on paper towels.

Fry chips or wedges in vegetable oil that come below half way of fry pan. Avoid over crowding potatoes in pan as the oil may boil over when the heat becomes too hot while food is being cooked.  In cooking these Chips,  I had used Pure Soya Bean Oil.

Any oil that runs down the pan during cooking may catch fire if the heat in the pan gets too hot over a period of frying, so do watch out, please!

Frying of chips may look simple, but any young aspiring chef should be taught and supervised when frying any food with hot oil!

I have read of news of “teenagers” feeling hungry and cooking chips in the middle of the night, unmindful and left hot oil unattended that caused their home to be  burnt down! Parents, Uncles were asleep and woke up in shock with uncontrolled fire, which englufed their kitchen and most of their house! This was really unfortunate to have happened to the family. So, please be Mindful when you are cooking in the Kitchen.

Old Time Chips!

Old Time Chips!

There are many types of Potatoes. The common ones sold are Sebago, Desiree, Chat and sometimes you can find the Coliban. I noticed in one Supermarket potatoes were named, “Golden Potatoes,”  “Pink Potatoes!”  I looked at them and found the names very amusing and cute!

In my basket of “Old Time Chips,” I called them, I had used some left over potatoes that I had in my kitchen.

Had fried some Sebago Potato wedges and some Desiree Potato wedges
In my basket, you therefore see two types of Potatoes with two different tones of colour if you look closely!

Which is which???!  Please Observe carefully and Rate yourself, just for Fun!

Answers given below!


Scroll down please!



Answer:     Pale coloured Potato wedges ………….Sebago Potatoes.
Answer:     Yellowish Potato wedges…………Desiree Potatoes.

Both of the above mentioned Potatoes are very suitable for Deep-frying into Chips!



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