Please Scale Fish at home before you Cook it.

How to scale fish!

How to scale fish!

This is a beautiful Rainbow Trout.
Its Flesh is light orange in colour and with very Delicate and Tasty flavour, very similar to the Salmon fish!

When you purchase it, it would have been cleaned for you to take it home.

At home you must further scale it and scrap out as much of the blood in between the bones and remove any remnants of gills still sticking on fish. Can you imagine all the slime, bacteria, etc. that sticks to the skin of the Fish!

Fresh fish should not smell “fishsy!”

How to scale fish!

How to scale fish!

To scale the fish, use a sharp knife and begin scaling the fish from the tail upwards towards its head. That way you will see all the scales come loose on the blade of your knife!

Then rinse in cold tap water and clean all the inside of the fish, scrapping out all traces of blood etc. from it! Next use a generous amount of Rock salt to rub into the inside and outside of the fish to kill bacteria and then Rinse throughly under the Tap.  Wipe dry with Kitchen paper towels and now your Fish is ready to be cooked by any Method or kind of Cuisine that you prefer to.

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