Malaysian Vegetarian Curry

Malaysian Vegetarian Curry

Malaysian Vegetarian Curry

In Malaysia there lots of Indians from the Southern parts of India who had migrated and are Malaysian locals now with some Pakistani too and some traders from Mumbai, India and many from Punjab as well. Indians also migrated from Sri Lanka, called Ceylon before and their famous Tea are grown in Cameron Hylands, Malaysia to-day.

Being a Multi-Cultural Society, naturally the locals also cook this type of soupy or “watery” hot curry! Majority of Hindu Indians are raised as vegetarians due to many reasons and I don’t have to go into that as this is my foodblog!

In this Southern-styled or Malaysian Indian Curry, I had cooked the curry the normal way and added in some presoaked Dried Guten, peeled Carrot pieces and sliced Cauli-flowers! However, some individuals are allergic to gluten, while the Chinese had no probelms at all? I grew up eating it with no problems, thank God!

When all the ingredients got simmered in the Curry, they turned up very Delicious and Aromatic! Oh! I love this any Time, any Day, Everyday….with a dash of Soya Sauce!!!  Trully Goode’! this Malaysian Indian curry, Please try_, you must!   Oh Yes!!!

Gluten for Protein, Carrot for Vitamin A and Cauliflower for Vitamin C.
All vegetables rich in Vitamins and Mineral Salts as well. Fiber-rich, full to Goodness Curry!

Turmeric powder used in Curry Powder, very potent Anti-oxydants! Good for your General well-being!  Eat more CURRY!
Indians eat all sorts of Curries everyday! Tasty and Delicious, but can be Hot for Some!    ” Suit Yourself!”

Curry can be served with Steamed Rice, Rotis, Toast, Lebanese bread, Burritos etc.

Please yourself!

Best recommend and safe to Cook, using Stainless Steel Pots, Clay-pots or Enameled Pots instead of aluminium when simmering sour curries!

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