Massaman Chicken Curry

Masaman Chicken Curry

Masaman Chicken Curry

When it comes to meal time today I wondered what to cook for lunch time and safe it also for dinner. Sitting the curry in the fridge would mature it further for a late night supper!

So I got to work, delighting my senses in my small but fuctional kitchen, thanks to my son and his friend that pulled down the old and put up the new with gas installed as well for the new oven/gas stove tops!
He understood I am used to cooking at top speed and many dishes at once, if it needs be! No sweat! Just need a quick shower to rid off the grease on my hair and skin after a few dishes.

So, a new dish is “borned” to-day for you!

I took a snap shot of it and wondered if you liked it?

If you do, please try cooking it soon.

Yes, I have used 1 kg. chicken thigh fillets

Three quarters can of Masaman curry paste.

Chose a small can of coconut cream.

Used some small red cherry chillies and 2 small Harbenero chillies, few sprigs of basil, all freshly picked from the vegetable plot!

Used 2 leaves of Kaffir lime leaves

3 cubes of Brown sugar (appoximately 2 tablespoons)

3 tablespoons Nampla Sauce (fish sauce)

Found a convenient can of pineapple chopped pieces and got to work!

Talk to you soon,
Enjoy cooking!
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