Mock Chicken, Kale & Ginkgo

Mock Chicken, Kale & Ginkgo nuts
Mock Chicken, Kale & Ginkgo nuts

Thank God I found this picture in my file that I had snapped at random for fun while I created this dish in my kitchen some time back!

Actually I can find no excuse for anyone who loves food to say that they can’t cook!!! This is extremely Simple and Healthy plus Tasty food.
When I say “simple,” it means that everything had been boiled first in boiling hot water in a pot. Start off with the Ginkgo nuts, drained; then the sliced up Mock Chicken which you can purchase from your Chinese grocery stores and lastly drop in the cut up kale.
Arrange drained ingredients neatly on a plate and drizzle on some of your favourite sauses like Brewed Soy Sauce, some Chilly Sauce(opt.) and Oyster Sauce. Sprinkle with a dash of White Pepper.
Voila! Your Vegetarian dish is ready to be served with some hot steaming bowl or plate of Rice!  Jasmine or aromatic rice goes best with it! Bon Appetite!
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I wish you all a Healthy and Happy Life! It is a pity these days not much people get much time for fun in their kitchen.
Cherrio for now!
  1. Mock chicken is made of gluten.
  2. Kale is rich in nutrients and hopefully some vitamins as it is rapidly blanched in boiling hot water till just tender! Do not over cook, please.
  3. Ginkgo nuts are very nutritious. My Mum used to tell me that it is very beneficial to the complexion. I had lots of fun cracking up the nuts’ shells and removing the bitter core by pushing it out with a tooth-pick! These days you can buy them conveniently in a can!
  4. If you wish to see more of this gluten ingredient, please watch http://www.youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/ click on “see all” and please watch, “Spicy Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken Stir Fry.”
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