Have a nice cup of Tea and home hand-fried Prawn chips

A cup of Tea & home hand-fried Prawn chips

A cup of Tea & home hand-fried Prawn chips

When I was young, I used to snack occasionally on chips made out of prawns, sago or tapioca.
In the prawn chips there were also tapioca flour to bind it together to make into a dough, steamed and then sliced thinly and dried in the Sun. However these were conveniently sold “ready to eat” in the grocery shops, like to-day.

I used to love to hang around the kitchen to help the Cook that prepared all the “English Potato Chips,” as we called it in my Parents’ Canteen-Cafe in Malaysia, called Malaya at that time, when Singapore and Malaysia were one country.

The best way for loving food was to stay in the kitchen and watched and got opportunities to help out.
I loved peeling potatoes with the peeler and watched the Cook cut the potatoes into “fingers” and dropped them into a basin of water, rinsed them and added some salt to the clear water for a short period of time. Then drained before they were fried.

 Cook shallow-fried the Potato fingers in a large heavy saucepan. I loved turning over the chips to prevent them from burning and for fun actually, but was told not to do so too often. So, that allowed the chips to cook faster and became crispy!  It was really lovely having watched the potato fingers turned, Golden colour! Then they were all drained in a wire-basket for further use later on.

There was a technique of reheating them with naturally added flavour and sprinkling some Table-salt, commonly used back in those days.
With a dash of pepper, the Fried Chips were served on individual plates with other Mains on the order. This was like all in the One-dish Meal served, with a Soup as an extra order or Entree, as you may pleased!

Nowadays it is healtier to use unrefined salt, Sea salt/Celtic salt, Himalayan salt, Natural-spiced salt, the list goes on!  Pretty straight-forward food served according to the Menu-board, hung for customers to see, with a few Asian delights to choose from as well.

Some English Pancakes were most popular, served with sugar rolled in whilst still piping hot with squeezed Fresh Lime juice!
Served with a slice of Lime as garnish!  Appetising!

However, I was very lucky being brought up with food by The Nonya tradition (Straits-born Chinese)on Grand-mother and Mother’s side.  So ,as a little girl, I had tasted the most Exotic Nonya Curris and Sambals and delicious ways of Food /desserts being cooked the traditional ways! It is no wonder how my Love and Passion grew on Food!

To-day I really have God to thank for it all!

May we all be Blessed to Eat what we like and to Cook what we can still cook to-day!

Happy Eating to You All!

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