A plate of Old Fashion Chips!

Please help yourself to "All Time Favourite Chippies!"

Please help yourself to "All Time Favourite Chippies!"

In the “old days,” lots of traders used Newspaper prints to warp the food that were sold! Did we know that “lead” from the Print was unhealthy for us, back then?

Then now, it is all sorts of Plastics………!  Are these helping in keeping our Environment…………………………!       What next!

However, I’ll eat mine from a  plate and wash it with an Environmentally friendly detergent, when I’m at home!

It only takes a second to check out your empty food containers before we throw them away! Have an empty box in your kitchen to save them before they go to the Trash Bins in their proper Bins!

It really helps a little to Make this  “World a Better Place to Live!”   I remember this song title too, and I love it still!

May we all be Blessed with Fine Good Weather!
Have a Nice Day!!!

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