Purple Yam Cake

Purple Yam Cake

Purple Yam Cake

The local Malaysian or Asian Yam Cake is normally steamed or baked with grated yam, coconut milk and lots of sugar to sweeten the cake.
The Malays and Nonyas in Malaysia call it “Kueh Binka.” When beaten eggs are added to the mixture before it is baked, it enriches the texture, adds richness and makes it aromatic as the end result of this delicious Asian local cake!

I understand the people from the Philipines love this Purple Yam and have similar cake baked with sugar and eggs too!

There is so much concern these days of the use of sugar in our Mordern diet as our basic Life-styles have changed so much from yester-years! We do not burn our calories as easily as we did during our younger days!

I baked this cake with just the grated Purple Yam and some Coconut milk with a pinch of salt, minus the sugar and eggs. It turned out beautifully as a piece of dense local Asian cake. No frills and just what I can consider for adding some healthy carbohydrates to our diet for a meal.
All natural purple in this yam as you know is good for you too!

Yam Cake can be substituted for bread or rice to a meal.

Add some Honey to it and you can have a moist snack with a cup of Tea!
Add a teaspoon of thick Coconut cream to a piece of the cake, there you go, it becomes richer and you can also easily put on some weight on, if you are too much on the lean side. Suit your own personal choice, really.

You are what you eat! One can actually decide for oneself which dress size to choose to wear before trying it on at the shops!

I sure do, how about you?

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