Char shui and Chinese Mustard with Turmeric Rice

This is super easy……….went shopping for lots of grocery, fresh meat this early evening.

Cooked Turmeric Rice and set it in “warm-pot!”

Scraped outer skin of old ginger and chopped them up!

Heated up a wok with just very little ground nut oil, added chopped ginger.

Sliced up a large pieces of Char Sui, and immediately dropped all into hot wok!

Sliced up Chinese Mustard geens and dropped them into the wok,  and stirred up well

meat and vegetables together!

Add in  some favourite Soya sauce…and “wahla!

Result:  Got a Tasty dish ready to be served with steaming hot Rice!

Run out of ideas???  Please visit my blog often or watch my cooking demo, on youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/ on explaination of ingredients, some Food stories or even Singing in Praise of Food!

Why not??? It’s all God’s Creation!


Ms. Nancy Tan

A Super fix dish in minutes!

A Super fix dish in minutes!

Nancy Tan

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