Rambutans are Sweet and Tasty Fruits!

Larger bunches of Rambutans for sale!

Larger bunches of Rambutans for sale!

Rambutans sold at Malaysian markets!

Rambutans sold at Malaysian markets!

When you wish to buy Rambutans, always choose the ones that are brightly coloured! The “redder” the Rambutans, you can be certain they are riper and sweeter ones than those that are lighter in colour!

The flesh of the Rambutan inside is opague in colour and it is firm, with a seed inside which is unedible! Rambutans can be eaten fresh at room temperature or preferably chilled. They can successfully be added to a Mixed Fruit Salad, with their seeds removed if served to little Kids!

You can view more of the Rambutans in one of my youtube channels….www.youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/

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