Red Cargo Rice served with BBQ. Chicken & Gluten Veg.Curry.

Veg. Curry, BBQ Chick. & Red Cargo Rice

Veg. Curry, BBQ Chick. & Red Cargo Rice

This was a simple dish that I prepared even though I was busy!

Bought the Roasted Chicken, that’s half the work all done!!!

Mixed half cup of Jasmine Rice with one cup Red Cargo Rice. Washed and put to boil by absortion method till rice was cooked.

Soaked the gluten bread in water it they swelled and cooked them into a Curry Stew. Added sliced chillies and Cauli flowerets and continued cooking until tender.

Served Hot Steamed Rice with Chicken and Cauliflower and Gluten in Curry.
Garnished with some shredded Lettuce leaves.

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