Sardines are rich in Calcium.

Sardines a Good Source of Calcium

Sardines a Good Source of Calcium

Sardines are very rich in Calcium and mineral salts. I try to buy Fresh fish to cook and eat at least twice a week. That would be good or even three times a week, would be better!

However, Sardines that come in the Can are such a help to supply us with a good source of calcium that we all need, unless we get out into the Sun everyday! Too much Sun is bad for our skin and complexion though.

Here, I cooked up a large can of Sardines into a Tasty Curry as one of the dishes to go with our meals!

Delicious with Steamed Rice, Rotis, Dosai, and even Toasted Bread!

Try cooking one for yourself to-day!

Cherrio and Thank you for Visiting my Food-blog!
Happy Cooking!

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