Sator Nuts, Tempeh and Tofu

Sator Nuts,Tempeh and Fried Firm Tofu

Sator Nuts,Tempeh and Fried Firm Tofu

Sator Nuts are the green nuts seen on this dish.
The local Malay name for it is Petai in Malaysia and Indonesia.
It has a very Strong and over-powering aroma! Once you have aquired the Taste for eating it, you would love to eat it again and again, definitely!

The Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese called it, “Chow Tau” which means Stinking Nuts, hence the name I suppose!

Tempeh is Soya Beans that had been fermented in a special leaves and originally produced by The Jawanese of Indonesia. Many Jawanese reside in Malaysia and made this product very popular. To-day Tempeh are produced in the Lab and wrapped up in Plastic and not sold fermented in the natural leaves and you can buy them at some Asian Grocery shops or Health Food Stores.

Tofu comes in all sorts of textures. The ones I used for this recipe is the type that is Firm and had been Prefried from the Factory.

This dish is very Rich in Vegetable Protein, hence very suitable for Vegetarians. You can serve it with Steamed Rice.

Please Enjoy watching my cooking video on how to cook it on youtube/cookingwithnancy/ Please click on the Link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPYpYdpYwsI&feature=share&list=UUsntTHpWzoS1zzO7j1ld7xw
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