Savoury Porridge

Savoury Porriage

Savoury Porridge

On a hot Summer morning, I cooked this Delicious Savoury Porridge.

Using “broken” rice grains especially ideal for cooking Porridge, I simmered the rice with lots of water until it became gruel porridge!

When I was young, about 10 year years of age, I used to walk to the Morning Asian Markets on a Saturday morning and sit on one of the wooden benches there and ordered such delicious fare! The Porridge Man asked me politely what type of raw ingredients I would like him to stir into his small pot after he scooped some plain porridge from a huge “stock-pot,” which he kept simmered over a Charcoal stove! He only used Clay-stoves with flames that leapt out on the pot from burning charcoals!

It was so interesting to sit and watch him cook a large bowl of Porridge just for me only! I liked my Porridge topped up with an egg cracked into it and stirred briefly!  Oh yes! That was was his “speciality” he did to every customer, that “seeked him out,” in the marketplace in my hometown in Malaysia.

The price for a large bowl of Delicious Chicken/Meat Porriage was only Malaysian forty cents! To-day a bowl of Porriage would not be less than Aussie 6 dollars in Sydney.  Now, that is a Great Inflation of Commodities!

Thank you very much and “Wishing you a Merry Christmas Season and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year”

See you soon in 2012, as I am away till then!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi, Ms Nancy~
    I’m Wendy the little girl that met you in Singapore!
    Looking forward to see more posts on your blog.. =)

    Take care ! <3

    Best wishes,


    1. Nancy says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Nice to see that you remember our chance meeting in Singapore!
      I got back more than a week ago and have taken so mnay pictures and videos.
      Yet to find time to see them all on-day! Busy time of Year now as Year of the Dragon is round the corner!

      Happy New Year to you and your Family!
      Thank you for your visits to my blog. Please vist http://www.youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/ as well, many thanks!

      Your ex-hometown friend,

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