Silken Tofu with Watercress Soup.

SilkenTofu with Water-cress Soup.

SilkenTofu with Water-cress Soup.

Here a very simple and easy to cook soup. It is also very delicious to drink and eat! I drink it from a Chinese porcelain spoon. Yes, you can drink soup like the Japanese if you like, from a dainty Soup bowl!

The Tofu I have used here is the Silken type…..smooth and soft as “silk” to taste. You can actually just swallow the tofu down your throat, so you can safely eat it even when you are having a sore throat! Silken Tofu is easily digested too. You can leave out the half a teaspoon of crushed chillies that I threw into the soup to make it more flavoursome and spicy! You can leave out the water-cress if you cannot chew the fiberous vegetables whenever you get the sore-throat as I hear quite a few people at the Super-markets with the Winter Flu!

After boiling this wonderful vegetable in  water, it becomes a soup so rich with nutrients and minerals!

Tofu is a good source of Vegetable Protein, as you may already know by now. The Chinese and Japanese all love Tofu and many people around the World love them too, like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Loas etc.

Tofu comes in many varieties, Silken, Soft and firm, Hard and firm, Compressed Firm, Some with flavours like with Soy, Spicy, with Chillies, with Chinese 5-Spiced Powder etc.  When you have mastered the Art of Cooking with differnt types of Tofu, you will know which ones to buy as to how you want to cook it for your meal.

Here in this fast Soup, I have used a tablespoon of very tasty mixed vegetable granules and dropped in my Silken Tofu and Water-cress with a dash of Crushed Chilly Flakes! Pour in a dash of Naturally-brewed Soy Sauce…. “Voila! it’s done!”   Delicious Soup of the day!

Drink lots of Soups and Keep yourself Warm during Winter. Best way to stay out of bed and enjoy what you have to do!

Have Fun in your Kitchen and Enjoy yourself!

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