Singapore Noodles with Soy Gluten and Tofu.

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles.

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles.

Singapore noodles are made from wheat flour and edible food yellow colour has been added to it to make it more appetising and brighter in colour!

Asians mostly like their food to be Bright and as Colourful as can be!

They enjoy Life in Eating and Love Life to be as Colourful as well, not to mention all the colourful clothes that they wear everyday! However, let’s talk about food here!

Noodles are a rich source of energy, being mainly Carbohydrates.
I have added lots of sliced Soy Gluten and Soya Prawns and sliced Tofu.
Chinese Bean sprouts has been tossed in with sliced Shallots which gives them a mild and sweet flavour. Used a sprig or two of Chinese Coriender for a bit of fragrance in the stir-fry, and as garnish to the dish.

Have used about one tablespoon Olive Oil.

The whole dish has a delicate flavour of naturally-brewed Soy Sauce.
This Noodle dish comes “alive” with a good sprinkling of freshly cracked Black Pepper, although two small chopped red chillies were tossed into the pan during the stir-fry!

Oh, Yes! I love adding some good old Tomato Sauce, before enjoying  it!

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