Spicy Egg-plants with Dried Prawns.

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Hello! It’s Nancy writing about this delicious Egg plant dish!

Whenever I cook Egg-plants, I always “salt it out” first!
How to? After cutting them up to which ever way you want them to be cooked, I would soak the pieces in lots of salted water with Rock Sea Salt until the water becomes brownish in colour and discard water and rinse and fill up with clean tap water and leave till ready to cook.

Another method which lots of Italians and Lebanese do, is to cut or slice them up and sprinkle salt on the suface until it “sweats” and soak up the salty liquid with Kitchen paper towels before cooking them!

Egg-plants come in all sizes, shapes and a few coulours! Some are round like little tomatoes, some big round and elongated, some long and slim!

Plenty of dark purple ones around, light bluesh purple, purle and white in beautiful stripes and even creamish in colour! Whatever shapes and sizes they come in, they are very tasty Fruit Vegetables! Fruit here does not mean that one can eat them raw as a fruit!

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

This is easy to cook! It has a very typical Malaysian Nonya flavour!
Irisstable! Sourish, Sweet, Hot and Spicy! Deliciously Tasty!

Ingredients used in the this Stir-fry: Olive oil, Egg-plants, garlic, crushed chillies, tarmarind juice, fresh ginger, palm sugar, Dark Soy sauce, Light Soy sauce and pinch of Celtic Salt, some water.

Dried Prawns that had been soaked same time whilst preparing Egg-plants.

You can omit the Dried Prawns if you are a Vegetarian.

This Flavoursome dish is best accompanied with Steaming Hot Jasmine Fragrant Rice! Of course, with other Protein dishes as well for your Enjoyment!

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