Sweet Potato Roti

This morning I steamed 2 Sweet potatoes using my Talumbi Pot, in Microwave oven!  It can be baked as well.

I pan-fried two pieces of Indian Prathas, or in Malaysia we called it, Roti Canai.
Added half a beaten egg to each piece of roti as I turned it over in tawa-pan until golden brown.

Spread some Promite on surface of roti and added some baked or steamed mashed  Sweet Potato on it.

Cover spread with the other piece of roti and press down gently.

Cut into two pieces and then into a quarter, resulting in four neat pieces!

Sprinkle with ground Cinnamon and serve with a Cup of Coffee.

There are two individual serving plates here!   One for you and one for me!

Would you like the one with the honey?

I would rather any piece, but with a cup of  Vietnamese Coffee that a friend came back with and gave it to my son for us to enjoy!

May you have an Enjoyable Day!

It is a Cool Sun-shine Day in Sydney at the moment!

Cherrio and talk to you soon!
Nancy Tan

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  1. kencing manis says:

    owh.. this is 1st time I saw a roti canai with filling in.. is that good? I to try it later..

    1. Nancy says:

      Hello! Hope you have tried eating Roti Canai with filling by now!
      Hope you liked it!

    2. Nancy says:

      Of course it’s Good! Otherwise I would not have published it!
      Do Try it! No Try, Never will Know!
      Have a Nice Time!

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