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Spicy Egg-plants with Dried Prawns.

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Hello! It’s Nancy writing about this delicious Egg plant dish! Whenever I cook Egg-plants, I always “salt it out” first! How to? After cutting them up to which ever way you want them to be cooked, I would soak the pieces in lots of salted water with Rock Sea Salt until the water becomes brownish …

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Beans & Potato Spread.

Beans and Potatoes, Scone Toast. 27 09 2011 009

Hello, it’s me, Nancy! Hope you have a fine day after eating this home-made spread. Beans and Potatoes give you lots of Energy for your Day! Have a Good day!   After having cooked this vegetarian dish, I mashed some up some and toasted a “scone” bread to a lovely crust. I then spread some …

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Stir-fried Prawns with Oyster’s Sauce.

Chilliy Prawns with Oysters sauce

All Seafood are rich in mineral salts. Prawns are a good protien source of food. However, some people are allergic to certain Seafood. The best way to clean prawns is to wash them under the running tap first in a corlander and let them drip dry a little. With clean hands, individually shell them and …

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Chinese Tea Eggs (Marbled Eggs)

Chinese Tea Eggs

Eggs play a big part in most or our menu and for some vegetarians too. Eggs lightly poached or half-boiled are easily digested and make very good Breakfast ingredients. Eggs can be cooked as Savouries or as Desserts and ways of cooking them are really most versatile! The albumen of white of egg is a …

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A plate of Old Fashion Chips!

Please help yourself to "All Time Favourite Chippies!"

In the “old days,” lots of traders used Newspaper prints to warp the food that were sold! Did we know that “lead” from the Print was unhealthy for us, back then? Then now, it is all sorts of Plastics………!  Are these helping in keeping our Environment…………………………!       What next! However, I’ll eat mine from a  …

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