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Red Cargo Rice served with BBQ. Chicken & Gluten Veg.Curry.

Veg. Curry, BBQ Chick. & Red Cargo Rice

This was a simple dish that I prepared even though I was busy! Bought the Roasted Chicken, that’s half the work all done!!! Mixed half cup of Jasmine Rice with one cup Red Cargo Rice. Washed and put to boil by absortion method till rice was cooked. Soaked the gluten bread in water it they …

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Tom Yum Fish Soup

Tom Yam Fish

Above photograph shows my Wok where the Tom Yam Stock was first boiled and simmered for a few minutes before Fish was added to it.   This Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Sour Thai Soup as you can imagine is very easy to cook. Just bring some water to boil and add in some Tom …

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Nancy’s house pumpkin fried rice with prawns.

Nancy's house Pumpkin Fried Rice with Prawns.

Wash and soak 1 tablespoon dried prawns. Clean and shell, devein green prawns. Pound 2 cloves garlic, 1-2 hot bird-eyed chillies with 1 teaspoon Prawn paste(Belachan), remove onto dish. Lightly pound soaked dried prawns. Slice up thinly Spanish onion. The 2 eggs shown here has been fried into Omelette as shown in previous blog. Heat …

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