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Silken Tofu with Watercress Soup.

SilkenTofu with Water-cress Soup.

Here a very simple and easy to cook soup. It is also very delicious to drink and eat! I drink it from a Chinese porcelain spoon. Yes, you can drink soup like the Japanese if you like, from a dainty Soup bowl! The Tofu I have used here is the Silken type…..smooth and soft as …

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Chia Roti with Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Roti and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Last Wednesday I bought some “Chia rotis,”(wraps) and served them with some delicious Chicken Curry which I cooked and also a quick Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables. Sometimes I cook my curries without the use of Coconut milk, but this time I did. Coconut milk makes Curry creamier, giving it a naturally sweeter taste and delicious flavour. …

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Organic Udon with Shiitake mushrooms and Seaweed

Organic Udon, Shitake' Mushrooms and Roasted Kelp

Let’s cook and enjoy a quick Healthy Oriental lunch within a few minutes!!! All you need are 5 cups water put to boil, adding 1 teaspoon high mushroom powder (opt.). Add in Roasted Kelp knots. These can be presoaked first to soften a little to speed up cooking time, otherwise boil until this is tender. …

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