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Soft Tofu in Fermented Soya Bean Curd.

Fotu with Fermented Soy Beans.

Try cooking this Vegetarian Tofu dish which I cooked for my family, as it is healthy and tasty to eat with Steamed or Boiled Rice. I had used soft Tofu, Golden mushrooms, some chopped Chinese Mustard leaves with some mashed up Fermented Soya Bean-curd with chillies. Lightly fry some chopped garlic with a dash of …

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Stir-fried Prawns with Oyster’s Sauce.

Chilliy Prawns with Oysters sauce

All Seafood are rich in mineral salts. Prawns are a good protien source of food. However, some people are allergic to certain Seafood. The best way to clean prawns is to wash them under the running tap first in a corlander and let them drip dry a little. With clean hands, individually shell them and …

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Dried prawns based stock to a nourishing soup

Seafood stock into a Soup

Would you like to see how I poached eggs in a Seafood stock made from scratch using Dried Prawns and a Leafy green Chinese vegetable form our balcony? These are some of the pictures to show you. Have a Good Day! Nancy Did you like this? Share it:Tweet