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Seafood Thai Green Curry with convenient ingredients/food

Seafood Thai Green Curry

I received a “free” packet of Green Thai Curry Paste! At home I found some frozen Lobster Tail Balls in the freezer and a can of Salmon in my Pull-out Pantry! A wok was quickly heated up with the curry paste and coconut milk added into it! All seafood was dumped into it and stirred …

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Coconut Rice and Black-eyed beans and Potato Curry

Vegetarian dish....very deliciously cooked sometime ago!

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The young Coconut makes a Refreshing Drink!

The wonderful Young Coconut

When I went strolling around Kuala Lumpur on my holidays there, I stopped to buy a drink of this wonderful young Coconut! This young Coconut provides one with the most Refreshing and Healthy drink with its slightly Sweet and Natural pleasant flavour! It is rich in Iron and Mineral salts. When I was young my …

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Purple Yam Cake

Purple Yam Cake

The local Malaysian or Asian Yam Cake is normally steamed or baked with grated yam, coconut milk and lots of sugar to sweeten the cake. The Malays and Nonyas in Malaysia call it “Kueh Binka.” When beaten eggs are added to the mixture before it is baked, it enriches the texture, adds richness and makes …

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Chia Roti with Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Roti and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Last Wednesday I bought some “Chia rotis,”(wraps) and served them with some delicious Chicken Curry which I cooked and also a quick Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables. Sometimes I cook my curries without the use of Coconut milk, but this time I did. Coconut milk makes Curry creamier, giving it a naturally sweeter taste and delicious flavour. …

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