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Beans & Potato Spread.

Beans and Potatoes, Scone Toast. 27 09 2011 009

Hello, it’s me, Nancy! Hope you have a fine day after eating this home-made spread. Beans and Potatoes give you lots of Energy for your Day! Have a Good day!   After having cooked this vegetarian dish, I mashed some up some and toasted a “scone” bread to a lovely crust. I then spread some …

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Galangal or “Blue Ginger.”

he Galangal or Blue Ginger.

The Galangal This root-bulb is from the  Rhizome family! It looks quite similar to the Ginger, but it is Not! Ginger is yellow to pale brownish in colour, depending on it being young or old.         Galangal is lightly reddish on surface of the bulbs.  Galangal skins are much tougher compared to the ginger, and does not bruised as easily …

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