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Savoury Porridge

Savoury Porriage

On a hot Summer morning, I cooked this Delicious Savoury Porridge. Using “broken” rice grains especially ideal for cooking Porridge, I simmered the rice with lots of water until it became gruel porridge! When I was young, about 10 year years of age, I used to walk to the Morning Asian Markets on a Saturday …

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Beans & Potato Spread.

Beans and Potatoes, Scone Toast. 27 09 2011 009

Hello, it’s me, Nancy! Hope you have a fine day after eating this home-made spread. Beans and Potatoes give you lots of Energy for your Day! Have a Good day!   After having cooked this vegetarian dish, I mashed some up some and toasted a “scone” bread to a lovely crust. I then spread some …

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Chia Roti with Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Roti and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Last Wednesday I bought some “Chia rotis,”(wraps) and served them with some delicious Chicken Curry which I cooked and also a quick Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables. Sometimes I cook my curries without the use of Coconut milk, but this time I did. Coconut milk makes Curry creamier, giving it a naturally sweeter taste and delicious flavour. …

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