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A new creation of a Cantonese/Thai-styled Rice Flat Noodles!

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Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

Fried Firm Soft Tofu with Choy Sum.

Last Tuesday I cooked this as a vegetarian dish for myself and served it with Boiled Rice of which I lightly added a little dried funugreek leaves and some washed Masoor Dhall into my pot before boiling it! These Tofu were already prefried and packed in Plastic containers, when I bought them from most Chinese …

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Cantonese-Styled Egg Noodles.

Egg Noodles with Cha Shui & Roast Duck

This is a very simple dish to prepare, but it needs a little bit of Practice to cook the Fresh Noodle till it is just cooked right and not over-cooked or it can become too soggy! You noticed that I had “tailed” all the bean-sprouts that I used. Easily done as the pot of water …

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Savoury Porridge

Savoury Porriage

On a hot Summer morning, I cooked this Delicious Savoury Porridge. Using “broken” rice grains especially ideal for cooking Porridge, I simmered the rice with lots of water until it became gruel porridge! When I was young, about 10 year years of age, I used to walk to the Morning Asian Markets on a Saturday …

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Omelette for reuse in a dish.

Rolled Egg ready to be sliced up for garnish on a dish.

When Omelette is cooked, I would roll it up like a rolled pancake and slice it up to garnish my serving dish of fried rice.     Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


Dried prawns based stock to a nourishing soup

Seafood stock into a Soup

Would you like to see how I poached eggs in a Seafood stock made from scratch using Dried Prawns and a Leafy green Chinese vegetable form our balcony? These are some of the pictures to show you. Have a Good Day! Nancy Did you like this? Share it:Tweet