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Cantonese-Styled Egg Noodles.

Egg Noodles with Cha Shui & Roast Duck

This is a very simple dish to prepare, but it needs a little bit of Practice to cook the Fresh Noodle till it is just cooked right and not over-cooked or it can become too soggy! You noticed that I had “tailed” all the bean-sprouts that I used. Easily done as the pot of water …

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Vegetarian Kelp Soup with Mushrooms.

Vegetarian Kelp( seaweed) Mushrooms Soup

Once a week on Tuesdays I stick to a vegetarian meal for the whole day! This is what I cooked for myself for a nourishing “entree” Vegetarian soup prior to Vegetarian rice with lots of different nuts cooked with Turmeric powder. My soup dish is mainly boiled with soaked dried Kelp (seaweed) and soaked Shintake’mushrooms, …

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Spicy Egg-plants with Dried Prawns.

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Hello! It’s Nancy writing about this delicious Egg plant dish! Whenever I cook Egg-plants, I always “salt it out” first! How to? After cutting them up to which ever way you want them to be cooked, I would soak the pieces in lots of salted water with Rock Sea Salt until the water becomes brownish …

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