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Cook Vegetarian Bihun…. Nice and Tasty!

Vegetarian Bihun created by Nancy Tan 05 03 2013 001

Some of the ingredients I used when I fried this Bihun, are soaked Rice Vermicelli, Peanut oil, chopped corriander,fermented Soya Bean Paste, sliced carrot, some Lettuce leaves, Snow-pea sprouts, Soya Chicken, Vegetarian Oyster sauce, Light Soya Sauce, Sesame oil, Lily bulbs, Preserved Korabi slices,(opt.), sliced Fungus Mushroom, white ground pepper, water. I served some chopped …

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Colourful Vegetarian Fried Rice with Poached Chicken, Fried Eggs

Simple Fried Rice   Pizza Quickie    04 05 11 007

There are countless ways of cooking Fried Rice and serving it, Asian-styled! This is one of the ways only that I have illustrated here! All colours are natural from Sauces that I use and no artificial colourings at all! I used Mustard oil for frying my eggs, so tasty! Yumm! Eggs crispy on the edges …

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Wholemeal Tortillas with Mushrooms/Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Wholemeal Tortillas with Spicy Mushrooms

These tortillas tasted good one morning when I sauteed some fresh mushrooms with some chopped garlic, and ginger and some crushed chillies. I added some Funegreek leaves and a dash of Turmeric powder and some Soya Sauce. Serve it with any chutney of your choice makes it taste even better! The wholemeal tortillas were pan-fried …

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Ginseng Chicken Soup.

Ginseng Soup with Chicken & Tofu.

Ginseng Chicken Soup. This is one of a nourishing soup one can have to keep up with one’s well being. I call it a Tonic, “pick me up,” herbal soup. The Koreans and Chinese use Ginseng for cooking as well as drink it as a tea. The Ginseng has such great medicinal values for Health, …

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