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Cook Vegetarian Bihun…. Nice and Tasty!

Vegetarian Bihun created by Nancy Tan 05 03 2013 001

Some of the ingredients I used when I fried this Bihun, are soaked Rice Vermicelli, Peanut oil, chopped corriander,fermented Soya Bean Paste, sliced carrot, some Lettuce leaves, Snow-pea sprouts, Soya Chicken, Vegetarian Oyster sauce, Light Soya Sauce, Sesame oil, Lily bulbs, Preserved Korabi slices,(opt.), sliced Fungus Mushroom, white ground pepper, water. I served some chopped …

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French Butter Cre’pe with Lemon Butter & Fruits.

French Butter Cre'pe with Lemon Butter & Banana, Grapes.

I like this without any “frills” or fuss of Rich Cream or Honey, Maple Syrup, etc. Of course you can add whatever that might fancy yourself! For myself, I just sprinkled a dash of ground Cinnamon for extra fragrance on top of my Cre’pe! A squeeze of Lime juice from my fridge? Certainly, why not! …

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Tom Yum Fish Soup

Tom Yam Fish

Above photograph shows my Wok where the Tom Yam Stock was first boiled and simmered for a few minutes before Fish was added to it.   This Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Sour Thai Soup as you can imagine is very easy to cook. Just bring some water to boil and add in some Tom …

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Mackerel Fish in Black bean n Fermented Soya Beans.

Mackerel simmered with Black Beans and Fermented Soya Beans.

Before it got dark last Friday evening, I decided to hurry to the Fish shop to buy some fish to cook for dinner. The shops are 15 mins, walk for me as I am bit slow! Yes, that would be like doing a brisk exercise for myself too, as I really needed it! So, off I went …

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