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Sardines are rich in Calcium.

Sardines a Good Source of Calcium

Sardines are very rich in Calcium and mineral salts. I try to buy Fresh fish to cook and eat at least twice a week. That would be good or even three times a week, would be better! However, Sardines that come in the Can are such a help to supply us with a good source …

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Spicy Egg-plants with Dried Prawns.

Sambal Egg plants with Dried Prawns

Hello! It’s Nancy writing about this delicious Egg plant dish! Whenever I cook Egg-plants, I always “salt it out” first! How to? After cutting them up to which ever way you want them to be cooked, I would soak the pieces in lots of salted water with Rock Sea Salt until the water becomes brownish …

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Stir-Fried Prawns with Snow-Peas

Sir-fry Prawns with Snow-peas & Musrooms

Hello! You can see a plate of Fresh Green Prawns which I had washed, peeled and deveined. On the other side, I had a plate of Stir-Fried Prawns with Snow-Peas & Mushrooms. To see all ingredients on a big Platter and how this Delicious and Quick Dish had being cooked,  please visit my cooking kitchen …

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Mix & Match Vegetarian Dishes.

Mix Match Vegetarian dishes 04 10 2011 001

Last Tuesday, I cooked something vegetarian for myself! Main dish was firm Tofu with Braised Mock Duck and Fermented Chilly and Black Beans, quickly stir-fried with Olive Oil. I had some Steamed Rice with Fresh Pineapple cubes and some Spices with Bay leaves cooked in it. Lovely aroma in my kitchen! Used Shallots as Garnish …

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Singapore Noodles with Soy Gluten and Tofu.

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles.

Singapore noodles are made from wheat flour and edible food yellow colour has been added to it to make it more appetising and brighter in colour! Asians mostly like their food to be Bright and as Colourful as can be! They enjoy Life in Eating and Love Life to be as Colourful as well, not …

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Chia Roti with Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Chia Roti and Chicken Curry and Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables.

Last Wednesday I bought some “Chia rotis,”(wraps) and served them with some delicious Chicken Curry which I cooked and also a quick Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables. Sometimes I cook my curries without the use of Coconut milk, but this time I did. Coconut milk makes Curry creamier, giving it a naturally sweeter taste and delicious flavour. …

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Stir-fried Prawns with Oyster’s Sauce.

Chilliy Prawns with Oysters sauce

All Seafood are rich in mineral salts. Prawns are a good protien source of food. However, some people are allergic to certain Seafood. The best way to clean prawns is to wash them under the running tap first in a corlander and let them drip dry a little. With clean hands, individually shell them and …

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Mackerel Fish in Black bean n Fermented Soya Beans.

Mackerel simmered with Black Beans and Fermented Soya Beans.

Before it got dark last Friday evening, I decided to hurry to the Fish shop to buy some fish to cook for dinner. The shops are 15 mins, walk for me as I am bit slow! Yes, that would be like doing a brisk exercise for myself too, as I really needed it! So, off I went …

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Dried prawns based stock to a nourishing soup

Seafood stock into a Soup

Would you like to see how I poached eggs in a Seafood stock made from scratch using Dried Prawns and a Leafy green Chinese vegetable form our balcony? These are some of the pictures to show you. Have a Good Day! Nancy Did you like this? Share it:Tweet