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An Unforgetable Mother’s Day Breakfast!

On Mother's Day, my son cooked me the Best Breakfast, 13 05 2012

A Surprise Breakfast being prepared for Mum in Kitchen! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


Dosai makes a good Break-fast meal.

Dosai, (Indian Savoury Pancake)

This Southern Indian Pancake makes a very Nutritious meal for Break-fast. It is very light and easily digested. Traditionally it is served with Coconut Chutney and with other Sambals as well, when preferred. I love this “unforgetable” Pancake and would eat it with any Curries that I have cooked at home or even serve it …

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Red Cargo Rice served with BBQ. Chicken & Gluten Veg.Curry.

Veg. Curry, BBQ Chick. & Red Cargo Rice

This was a simple dish that I prepared even though I was busy! Bought the Roasted Chicken, that’s half the work all done!!! Mixed half cup of Jasmine Rice with one cup Red Cargo Rice. Washed and put to boil by absortion method till rice was cooked. Soaked the gluten bread in water it they …

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Stir-fried Prawns with Oyster’s Sauce.

Chilliy Prawns with Oysters sauce

All Seafood are rich in mineral salts. Prawns are a good protien source of food. However, some people are allergic to certain Seafood. The best way to clean prawns is to wash them under the running tap first in a corlander and let them drip dry a little. With clean hands, individually shell them and …

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The thinnest Tortilla Pizza in the World!

World Thinnest Tortilla Pizza in the World!

Here’s a photo of a close up view of two pieces of Totilla Pizza that I promised to demonstrate for you on Youtube one-day. I was hungry one morning and I had some left-over of BBQ chicken in my fridge. Because my stomach was hungry, God made me think of the Fastest and Easier way …

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Nancy’s house pumpkin fried rice with prawns.

Nancy's house Pumpkin Fried Rice with Prawns.

Wash and soak 1 tablespoon dried prawns. Clean and shell, devein green prawns. Pound 2 cloves garlic, 1-2 hot bird-eyed chillies with 1 teaspoon Prawn paste(Belachan), remove onto dish. Lightly pound soaked dried prawns. Slice up thinly Spanish onion. The 2 eggs shown here has been fried into Omelette as shown in previous blog. Heat …

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Omelette for reuse in a dish.

Rolled Egg ready to be sliced up for garnish on a dish.

When Omelette is cooked, I would roll it up like a rolled pancake and slice it up to garnish my serving dish of fried rice.     Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


How to Make Old Fashion Potato Chips!

Old Time Chips!

Potatoes are peeled and then they can be sliced thinly or cut into wedges. Wash of excess starch and leave to soak in slightly salted water. Drain throughly and thin chips can further be well dried on paper towels. Fry chips or wedges in vegetable oil that come below half way of fry pan. Avoid …

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