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Seafood Thai Green Curry with convenient ingredients/food

Seafood Thai Green Curry

I received a “free” packet of Green Thai Curry Paste! At home I found some frozen Lobster Tail Balls in the freezer and a can of Salmon in my Pull-out Pantry! A wok was quickly heated up with the curry paste and coconut milk added into it! All seafood was dumped into it and stirred …

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Soft Tofu in Fermented Soya Bean Curd.

Fotu with Fermented Soy Beans.

Try cooking this Vegetarian Tofu dish which I cooked for my family, as it is healthy and tasty to eat with Steamed or Boiled Rice. I had used soft Tofu, Golden mushrooms, some chopped Chinese Mustard leaves with some mashed up Fermented Soya Bean-curd with chillies. Lightly fry some chopped garlic with a dash of …

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Soft Flat Rice Sheet Noodles in Clear Stock

Fresh Soft Kuey Teow Soup with Soy Chicken

This dish tastes so Tasty & Delicious and suitable for a light lunch. Boil up a simple stock base soup, eg. from chicken bones or anchovies. In the clear soup or stock, you add in some Fresh Flat-Rice Sheet Noodles that you can buy from the Grocery shops! They come in a big slab and …

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