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Char shui and Chinese Mustard with Turmeric Rice

A Super fix dish in minutes!

This is super easy……….went shopping for lots of grocery, fresh meat this early evening. Cooked Turmeric Rice and set it in “warm-pot!” Scraped outer skin of old ginger and chopped them up! Heated up a wok with just very little ground nut oil, added chopped ginger. Sliced up a large pieces of Char Sui, and …

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Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Black Chicken Herbal Soup with Fried Tofu

Black Chicken pieces were cut up into large pieces, covered with cold water and brought up to full boil. Added sachet of Herbal mix specially prepared for Black Chicken Soup. Allowed Soup to boil for 15mins on high and lowered heat to a simmer until Chicken meat were cooked. Added sliced Fried Tofu and allowed …

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Yes! to Eggs anytime!

Boiled egg too big for it's shell 2106 12 007

I love Eggs especially for Breakfast and eating it anytime of the day! Eggs are so Versatile….. can be poached, boiled, simply fried or steamed. Eggs can be used in cakes, and cooked with all sorts of ingredients in many ways like binding ingredients together and made into omelletes. Food can be rolled into the …

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Stir-Fried Prawns with Snow-Peas

Sir-fry Prawns with Snow-peas & Musrooms

Hello! You can see a plate of Fresh Green Prawns which I had washed, peeled and deveined. On the other side, I had a plate of Stir-Fried Prawns with Snow-Peas & Mushrooms. To see all ingredients on a big Platter and how this Delicious and Quick Dish had being cooked,  please visit my cooking kitchen …

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Red Cargo Rice served with BBQ. Chicken & Gluten Veg.Curry.

Veg. Curry, BBQ Chick. & Red Cargo Rice

This was a simple dish that I prepared even though I was busy! Bought the Roasted Chicken, that’s half the work all done!!! Mixed half cup of Jasmine Rice with one cup Red Cargo Rice. Washed and put to boil by absortion method till rice was cooked. Soaked the gluten bread in water it they …

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Organic Udon with Shiitake mushrooms and Seaweed

Organic Udon, Shitake' Mushrooms and Roasted Kelp

Let’s cook and enjoy a quick Healthy Oriental lunch within a few minutes!!! All you need are 5 cups water put to boil, adding 1 teaspoon high mushroom powder (opt.). Add in Roasted Kelp knots. These can be presoaked first to soften a little to speed up cooking time, otherwise boil until this is tender. …

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