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Cook Vegetarian Bihun…. Nice and Tasty!

Vegetarian Bihun created by Nancy Tan 05 03 2013 001

Some of the ingredients I used when I fried this Bihun, are soaked Rice Vermicelli, Peanut oil, chopped corriander,fermented Soya Bean Paste, sliced carrot, some Lettuce leaves, Snow-pea sprouts, Soya Chicken, Vegetarian Oyster sauce, Light Soya Sauce, Sesame oil, Lily bulbs, Preserved Korabi slices,(opt.), sliced Fungus Mushroom, white ground pepper, water. I served some chopped …

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Ingredients for Steamed Salted Duck and Hen’s Eggs with Chicken Mince.

Steamed Salted Duck & Hen's eggs with Chicken mince

This dish is most suitable to be served with Steamed Rice or Rice Porriage during Lunch-time! This is a Popular dish amongst Asain Chinese all over the World! Salted Duck eggs are an authentic ingredient loved by most Asians! Don’t need to add extra salt to the dish anymore! The beaten eggs and minced chicken …

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