The thinnest Tortilla Pizza in the World!

World Thinnest Tortilla Pizza in the World!

World Thinnest Tortilla Pizza in the World!

Here’s a photo of a close up view of two pieces of Totilla Pizza that I promised to demonstrate for you on Youtube one-day.

I was hungry one morning and I had some left-over of BBQ chicken in my fridge. Because my stomach was hungry, God made me think of the Fastest and Easier way to create a new dish for myself to eat. Hence I ate this Wonderful and Tasty meal that day!

So, I mentioned the word “rechauffe’ ” in my Food Blog earlier on,to use left over BBQ chicken to create a new dish for my senses.

I had to wait till I bought the tasty BBQ chicken and also to find the time to do it for you on youtube! I kept my promise at last, on one very late past mid-night when my son and Snowytan my bird-son were fast asleep!

It turned out so tasty, when I tasted a bit on youtube itself!

However, I love taking photos and I managed to snap a photo of some of it on a plate before I ate it all! Ha! Ha!

This photo is more clear than what you can see on my video on youtube as I was struggling with my camera and the Tri-pod and my foot kicked one of its leg by accident! OMG! I think it was a “night-mare” for me while I was still awake in the middle of the night of 03 06 2011!

If you have not seen this video, please, I invite you to see it on http://www.youtube.com/cookingwithnancy/

You must cook it as it really is very Delicious and Easy to Cook!

Enjoy and Please Subscribe or Share it with your Family and Friends!

Thank you,
Nancy Tan

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